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I investigate how social networks affect processes and outcomes in organizations and markets, with special attention to labor markets. To this end, I treat social networks as 1) tools that can be used by organizations, managers and job-seekers to contend with uncertainty, and 2) objects of study regarding how they develop in the workplace due to the external (labor) markets in which organizations are situated. I study organizational practices related to social networks (e.g. network-based hiring) and “alternatives-to-networks” practices (e.g. tryouts), and the near and more distant consequences of these practices on employees and organizations, including the effects of these practices on the social and economic outcomes of members of different socio-demographic groups.  

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Strategic Science Image
with Daniel W. Elfenbein
Strategic Science
3 (4): 555-682, 2018
Cover of Management Science
with Roberto M. Fernandez
Management Science
64 (11): 4967-5460
ILR review cover
with Jennifer Merluzzi
Industrial Labor Relations Review
70(1): 105-131, 2017
cover of Diversity in Practive
with Christopher I. Rider and David Tan
Diversity in Practice, Chapter 12. Race, Class, and Gender in Legal and Professional Careers (Cambridge Univ. Press)
American Bar Foundation’s Research Group on Legal Diversity, pp. 357-382.
Cover of Management Science
Management Science
60(9): 2111-2380, 2014
cover of Academy of Management Annals
with Matthew Bidwell, Forrest Briscoe and Isabel Fernandez-Mateo
Academy of Management Annals
7 (1): 61-121, 2013
Peter Roberts and Adina Sterling
Management Science
Vol. 58, No. 7, pp. 1292–1304

Additional Publications